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ETES - Stretch trousers
Resize Pattern - 35%
You may zoom in and out of the pattern to see it in action.
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Available soon

Minimum quantity 1

Original design by Lorena Francisc Collection: EYES
Product group Stretch trousers
Date created 2019-07-18 11:01:31
Fabric choices Lycra 200, Milano 220
The item preview is a simulation. The actual result might be slightly different in terms of positioniong and zoom of the pattern.

Stretch trousers
Available soon
This is a demo project for now. In the near future, you will be able to order this object with any pattern available or even with a pattern made of your pictures.
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ETES - Fabric
Available soon

Fabric choices
Milano 220 Polyester 1,6m width

Weight: 220 grams/meter

Width: 160 cm

Fabric class: Polyester 1,6m width

Fabric Structure: Textured Mesh

Milano 220- 100% polyester , weight: 220gr/m2, width:160 cm. 100% polyester Milano mock eyelet sportswear fabric it is used in football, cricket, basketball, athletics and other performance sports where its important to keep cool and dry. Has a soft handle and finish making it comfortable to wear against the skin
Lycra 200 Polyester 1,6m width

Weight: 200 grams/square meter

Width: 160 cm

Fabric class: Polyester 1,6m width

Fabric Structure: Stretch

Lycra 200 - 88%polyester -12%spandex, weight: 200gr/m2, width:160 cm Lycra 200 - is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity and strength . Great for dance wear, costumes, active-wear, skirts. It is also often used to make swimsuits and wetsuits, because lycra dries more quickly than many other fabrics.

About: Happy mother and artist :)
Member since: 2019-07-14 15:10:49
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